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République tunisienne

Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy

SSL Organisation certificate

SSL Organisation certificate
Validate the identity of your company on the Internet
From 295 DT VAT / 1year

SSL Organisation certificate

The SSL Organization certificate from tuntrust validates the identity of your company on the Internet.

For added confidence of visitors, the legal existence, physical and operational your company are checked by tuntrust agents.


  • Securing a single domain name
  • Validation of the identity of your company
  • validity: from 1 to 2 years
  • In software format
  • Hash algorithm: SHA 256
  • Qualified by LSTI in accordance with ETSI 102 042


SSL Organisation certificate Unit price TND tax-free Unit price TND VAT*
SSL Organisation certificate valid 1 year 250 DT 295 DT
SSL Organisation certificate valid 2 years 475 DT 560.500 DT

(*) VAT applied 18% + tax stamp of 0.500 DT

Pièces à fournir

Submit a complete record with the following content :

  • Duly completed form public sector (pdf) or(doc), private sector (pdf) or (doc)
  • The general terms and conditions signed by the webmaster (CGU)
  • The supporting documents :Copy of the ID of the Organization's Chief Executive Officer and the Administrator, excerpt from the commercial register less than three months earlier, Declaration on the honor of non-bankruptcy for private companies.
  • An email address from Webmaster as follows:
    webmaster'at'votrenomdedomaine, administrator'at'votrenomdedomaine, admin'at'votrenomdedomaine, administrator'at'votrenomdedomaine, administrator'at'votrenomdedomaine
  • Certificate fee
  • A request in the format (.csr) generated from your web server containing the necessary technical information.