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Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy

SSL SAN certificate

SSL SAN certificate
Secure multiple websites
From 295 DT VAT / 1year

SSL SAN certificate

tuntrust SSL certificates SAN (Server Alternative Name) allow you to secure different domains or servers with a single certificate. This means that a single certificate can secure a mail server, a remote service, a domain and much more.

This means that a single certificate can secure a mail server, a remote service, a domain and more. For example, you can secure all these domains with a single SAN certificate:,,, and

SAN certificates are often used for Unified Communications (UC) to secure Microsoft Exchange Server, Office Communications Server, or the mobile device manager.


  • Securing multiple domain names
  • validity: from 1 to 2 years
  • In software format
  • Algorithmes :  RSA 2048,  SHA 256
  • Qualified by LSTI in accordance with ETSI 102 042


SSL SAN certificate Unit price TND tax-free Unit price TND VAT*
SSL SAN certificate valid 1 year 250 DT 295 DT
SSL SAN certificate valid 2 years 475 DT 560.500 DT

(*) VAT applied 18% + tax stamp of 0.500 DT

Pièces à fournir

Submit a complete record with the following content :

  • Duly completed form public sector (pdf) or(doc), private sector (pdf) or (doc)
  • The general terms and conditions signed by the webmaster (CGU)
  • The supporting documents :Copy of the ID of the Organization's Chief Executive Officer and the Administrator, excerpt from the commercial register less than three months earlier, Declaration on the honor of non-bankruptcy for private companies.
  • An email address from Webmaster as follows:
    webmaster'at'votrenomdedomaine, administrator'at'votrenomdedomaine, admin'at'votrenomdedomaine, administrator'at'votrenomdedomaine, administrator'at'votrenomdedomaine
  • Certificate fee
  • A request in the format (.csr) generated from your web server containing the necessary technical information.