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République tunisienne

Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy

SSL wildcard certificate

SSL wildcard certificate
Secure an unlimited number of subdomains
From 850 DT VAT / 1year

SSL wildcard certificate

The Wildcard Server Certificate tuntrust secures an unlimited number of subdomains with a single SSL certificate, reducing the time and cost of certificate management.

Using wildcard notation (an asterisk and a dot before your domain name, * allows you to extend security to different subdomains, based on the name of your top-level domain.


  • Securing an unlimited number of subdomains
  • validity: from 1 to 2 years
  • In software format
  • Algorithmes : RSA 2048, SHA 256
  • Qualified by LSTI in accordance with ETSI 102 042


SSL wildcard certificate Unit price TND tax-free Unit price TND VAT*
SSL wildcard certificate valid 1 year 850 DT 1003 DT
SSL wildcard certificate valid 2 years 1615 DT 1905.700 DT

(*) VAT applied 18% + tax stamp of 0.500 DT

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